Finally a post

To be honest, i have no idea why i still keep this blog. I woke up this morning determined to erase it. However, as you see, it’s still there and i am writing on it.

Almost 2 months have passed since i was landed in Chiang Mai. Since then i went to Myanmar, back to Thailand and now in Laos.

These past days were really intense. I am at this part of the world again to do a project that i had in mind for some years. To do so, i have to visit places that i barely know where they are. I jumped on trucks, buses and boats, i walked a lot in the middle of nowhere and here i am again in Luang Prabang taking a breather, filling my stomach and giving myself a day off to get reorganized for the rest of the trip.

I spent my last days in villages at the banks of Nam Ou river before coming again to Mekong along which i am planning to travel the next 2 months. I had unique experiences in these villages. I attended Kamu tribe’s new year, i ate local delicacies such as squirrel and duck blood, drunk a fair amount of lao lao and local “whiskeys” and i had some beautiful treks.

You two-three people that follow my blog you should know that any day now i might wake up more determined. If you want to see more pictures from my trip you can follow me on instagram (manos fikaris) or on facebook by the name (yes you guessed right) manos fikaris again!